Paulette Verlée, the alter ego of Veerle Pollet, learned to play the piano at a very young age with the works of Bach and Schumann. For her first album ‘choses vues à droite et à gauche (sans lunettes)’, Erik Satie formed the starting point. His minimalistic approach and funny titles inspired her to compose her own pieces. For the second album 'Les Barricades Mystérieuses' the inspiration came from François Couperin. For the EP that followed, she stayed closer to home. Paulette, who does not like to be pigeonholed, went looking for Belgian present-day pop songs to put her own spin on them. Six well-known hits were transformed into concise piano works. Tamino, Angèle, Bazart, Oscar And The Wolf and Selah Sue passed in review. The piano metamorphosis of a techno song by the world's best female DJ Charlotte de Witte was the icing on the cake. From melody to beats, everything you hear comes from the same instrument: the piano. This fall a new full album is expected in which Paulette explores the boundaries of romanticism, the piano genre par excellence. Her live performances are a captivating blend of piano, electronic elements, cello, and live visual projections, promising a musical experience like no other.
Currently Paulette is focusing on some piano solo works and she’s writing the soundtrack for a new television series called ‘Patience’ directed by Maarten Moerkerke, that is expected to be broadcasted in the UK en US somewhere in 2025.




out on July 12!




02/09/23 – Stories Unfold with Wannes Cappelle and Nicolas Callot @ Rubenskasteel Zemst

19/09/23 – CC De Krop, Kampenhout

20/10/23 – GC De Zeyp, Ganshoren

25/10/23 – CCHA, Hasselt

12/01/24 – GC Spikkerelle, Avelgem

21/01/24 – Oude Bottelarij, Londerzeel

10/02/24 – Cultuurcentrum, Poperinge 

17/02/24 – Cinema Walburg, Hamont-Achel

03/03/24 – Kasteel Coloma, St Pieters Leeuw (15u00)

28/03/24 – CC Het Bolwerk, Vilvoorde

25/10/24 – CC ’t Schaliken,Herentals

18/01/25 – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht (NL)


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